Broken Mile

A drug addict (Francesco Filice) awakens to find the girl he is with is dead, and must rush to escape the consequences.  Along the way, he seeks the help of his ex-girlfriend (Caleigh Le Grand), while dodging a mysterious figure (Patrick McFadden) who has started chasing him around the city with a gun.  A tense real-time thriller presented in a single, unbroken take.


Broken mile (2017)

Director: Justin McConnell
Writer: Justin McConnell
Producers: Justin McConnell, Dave McGrath
Executive Producers: Andrew van den Houten, Pasha Patriki Cast: Francesco Filice, Caleigh Le Grand
Cinematographer: Justin McConnell
Composer: Sean Motley

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"Literally a non-stop thriller…. the increasing intensity of a ticking-clock narrative… a seamlessly well-constructed thriller."
- Sarah Gopaul, Digital Journal

"Justin McConnell is a filmmaker who uses tension marvellously…… he breaks personal ground by using time to intensely disorient the audience." - Addison Wylie, Wylie Writes

"An interesting look at guilt and grief… proves to be more than its single-take selling feature."
- Courtney Small, Cinema Axis

"So much of the film is compelling and suspenseful….. the sense of naturalism here is dramatically palpable and damn entertaining. This is one solid picture and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more from this do-it-all dude." - Gregory Klymkiw, The Film Corner




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