In Heaven There Is No Beer

The story of the Los Angeles ‘Kiss or Kill’ music scene (2002-2007). Fed up with the wretched Sunset Strip pay-for-play policies, ‘too cool for school’ trendiness of the Silverlake scene and apathetic crowds, the bands that made up Kiss or Kill forged their own scene based on great music, cheap booze, low cover, and a mid-western sense of community and friendship. At it’s peak, Kiss or Kill had more than 60 bands in its roster and over 1,000 local L.A. fans. But as Kiss or Kill grew and became more popular, it fell victim to the same ‘venue-isms’ of other L.A. clubs and eventually became the very thing it was fighting against.


In Heaven There Is No Beer (2012)

Director: David Palamaro
Writer: David Palamaro
Cast: Bang Sugar Bang, Carla Betz, Chris Black
Producers: Debi Beck, David Palamaro
Cinematographer: David Palamaro
Executive Producer: Andrew van den Houten

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“For anyone interested in music, this is a must-see documentary. Even if the musical stylings found at Kiss or Kill are not up your alley, the documentary offers a depth that allows plenty to offer for everyone. There is a lot of heart throughout the film, and it is an intriguing and entertaining documentary all the way through the closing credits.” – Bethany Rose,

“This comes highly recommended to any serious music fans. I’d say it’s also recommended to any one who studies sociological patterns. Of course, to fans of any of these bands or the scene in general, this is a “must have.”” – G. W. Hill,

“Overall, the DVD wasn’t anything that left me wanting more or really blew me away, but it was nice to see something that people really cared about that involved good ol’ fashioned punk rock.” – Denise Borders,
“The film will be of interest to those who enjoy documentaries as well as to those who enjoy rock and roll or punk rock of any type. Highly enjoyable, it is a terrific piece of storytelling about a relatively little-known period in L.A.’s music scene and is well worth viewing.” – Cary Conley,



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