Dark Remains

Following their daughter's murder, a grieving young couple escapes the city to find solace in the mountains. As they try to recover, they soon discover their new home is haunted by violent entities with tragic histories of their own.

Dark Remains (2005)

Director: Brian Avenet-Bradley
Writer: Brian Avenet-Bradley
Cast: Cheri Christian, Greg Thompson, Scott Hodges
Producer: Laurence Avenet-Bradley
Cinematographer: Laurence Avenet-Bradley
Composer: Benedikt Brydern

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“In this day and age, when ghost stories are coming out in abundance now, it was nice to see a creative one, and not just a copy of another. Although it may resemble a few of those existing films, it has enough originality found within to make Dark Remains a refreshing ghost adventure. ” – terrorhook.com

“As far as low budget straight to DVD movies go, this one is exceptional and worth a viewing.” – John Marrone, houseofhorrors.com


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