The Girl Next Door

Inspired by true events, this thriller set in 1958 follows the harrowing story of two adolescent girls, who upon losing their parents in an accident are sent to live with their Aunt Ruth, a sadistic psychopath. Unbeknownst to the residents of the small New Jersey suburb, the girls endure unthinkable punishment at the hands of their aunt and three cousins.

The girl next door (2007)


Director: Gregory Wilson
Writers: Daniel Farrands, Philip Nutman
Novel By: Jack Ketchum
Cast: Blythe Auffarth, Daniel Manche, Blanche Baker, Graham Patrick Martin, William Atherton, Benjamin Ross Kaplan, Austin Williams
Producers: Andrew van den Houten, William M. Miller
Cinematographer: William M. Miller
Composer: Ryan Shore

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“The first authentically shocking American film I’ve seen since Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer over 20 years ago. If you are easily disturbed, you should not watch this movie. If, on the other hand, you are prepared for a long look into hell, suburban style, The Girl Next Door will not disappoint. This is the dark-side-of-the-moon version of Stand By Me.” – Stephen King

“Neither Ketchum nor the filmmakers take an exploitative approach to the material; their focus is the way the youngsters’
petty cruelty erupts into murderous sadism.” – TV Guide, Maitland McDonagh

“This is a movie that has convinced me to read more of Ketchum’s work, while at the same time leaving me feeling hopeless afterward. It’s a powerful experience that will test even the most die-hard of horror fanatics. In fact, if you’re not horrified and disgusted after viewing this film, there is probably something wrong with you.” –

“With outstanding performances to lead the way, this is a film with guts and heart, pain and horror, all in ample supply. Will it disturb you? Yes. Will it piss you off? Probably. Will it disgust you and frustrate you with the idea that something like this may actually be happening somewhere around you without you even knowing about it? Honestly, I hope it does because that’s the point of the film.” –




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