No Way To Live

A teenage interracial couple in the 1950’s rob and steal to escape the bigotry of the American South. But when things turn violent, they are forced to confront the dark secrets of their own.

No Way to Live (2015)

Directors: Nick Chakwin, David Guglielmo
Writers: Nick Chakwin, David Guglielmo
Cast: Freya Tingley, Tom Williamson, Timothy V. Murphy, Larry Fessenden, Justin Arnold, Paul Rae
Producers: Nick Chakwin, David Guglielmo, Rebekah Sindoris
Executive Producers: Andrew van den Houten, Katie Morrow
Cinematographer: Alexander Chinnici
Composer: Ali Helnwein

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"A southern gothic noir with more twists than a pretzel" - Dennis Dermody, Paper Magazine

"Directors Chakwin and Guglielmo stripped their film down to 84 minutes of rapid fire episodes and twisted tropes breaking taboos and taking hard left turns at a furious pace...this a new kind of movie experience...No Way to Live is one goddamn wild ride." - Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

"Every now and again, you may encounter a genre-defying movie that surpasses your wildest expectations but remains extremely hard to adequately describe. I personally consider Nick Chakwin and David Guglielmo‘s thrilling mashup of Neo-Noir and Southern Gothic storytelling, No Way to Live, as one of these remarkable films." - Luiz H.C. Bloody Disgusting

"No Way to Live is a nasty little indie thriller that begins as a tragic story of love in a time when it was forbidden but evolves into something more akin to Natural Born Killers than Loving. It’s a surprising turn of events and certainly one worth checking out." –Adam Patterson, Film Pulse

“No Way to Live is full of shocks that come out of nowhere and hit with visceral power... will stick with you long after the credits roll... the film is an anomaly in today's cinematic universe... you've never seen a slow burn with this much sizzle!" - Joshua Millican, Horror Freak News


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